Waist Pouch

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Waist Pouch

What is a bag neck and how it works:

The neck pocket is an ideal accessory for you to take with you when travel to foreign countries. This is because you can put all your important documents and money in the bag neck instead of his wallet, which happens to be an easy target for thieves.

What is needed, while buying a bag neck;

As its name indicates, the neck of the bag comes with a sling, so you can use the bag over the shoulder or around the neck or waist. There are bags available neck of many companies where they usually come with dual pocket organizers. However, it is up to decide on the neck of the bag better for you depending on the type, size and characteristics bag neck.

However, it is best to choose a bag of strong and durable neck, preferably having a strong neck strap subsequent is adjustable and test bar. This means that the rear strap must have a flexible and high of high strength stainless steel wire that is attached to stop copying, soft fabric belt that is comfortable around your neck.

Choose a neck pouch that is designed to be worn under clothing, for greater protection. It is best if there is a moisture-proof coating that keeps the contents of the bag clean and dry in hot, humid days. Although most of the bags neck have one pocket in them, some have pockets that provide for better organization of your stuff.

What is bags should be avoided in neck:

So when you choose your bag neck, choose according to the characteristics, durability and material bag neck. Do not choose one for its color or design, as there is no point in storing your important documents in a neck pouch is not waterproof or strong.

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