Case Flash

By · Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Case Flash
Is there a duplicate MAKEUP FOREVER flash color case?

Besides, what use for you? 😉 I really do not want to spend $ 100 on makeup subject ..

Its more than stage makeup, heavily pigmented and thick and creamy. For everyday use, not lose money. A lot of makeup artists use, and that photographs well and remain in place for hours. And obviously, the stage up for the same reasons. The reason is not good for your every day is simply because is so thick, the skin can not breathe through that and come out the same cause, and its really not the same as a cream shade. MUFE is the face and body makeup, you can draw things on the arms and face and legs and stomach with it. I would stick to the colors one shade and avoid the case of flash. Check out views photo of you give a better idea of how to use it.

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