Cashmere Business

By · Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Cashmere Business
about business oppurtunity in London?

I have a production plant of hemp clothing, cashmere, and the hat crazy in my country (Nepal) help me find the market in London and with the suggestion and enthusiastic person with good I will make him / her my partner … just help me to find a correct address so I can help the unemployed so many out there to provide a job.

There is so much information before no one can think of giving guidance and support. To define the appropriate target markets possible, which is the maximum production could be achieved? Do you have a range product? What age profile will be the orientation? Includes transportation, handling, VAT etc, does the retail price? How much funding do you have? There `s many factors that must be addressed. I think I can help. Email me through this site.

Ryan Ford Director Cashmere Agency at Hip Hop Grub SpotĀ® FAMU SBSS 2009

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