Cigarette Case

By · Monday, December 28th, 2009

Cigarette Case

As I sit here writing this article I'm enjoying the inhalation and exhalation of a large column of smoke and seeing gradually dissipate. Actually, is steam, not smoke, and I had to light my cigarette, I pulled my top shirt pocket and is inhaled. It is the electric cigarette and snuff and has no tar, but does not have any nicotine and is available in different flavors.

599 chemicals are added to the transformation of snuff a cigarette real, (42 of which are carcinogenic), and 4,000 chemical compounds that are created when the cigarette is lit, inhale and exhale. What a terrifying thought. I've been pulling all these things in my body for the past forty years, along with all that tar. Yes, as I have tried to quit countless times and even went cold turkey and stayed off cigarettes for more than a year until he fell off the wagon. So what makes this addiction stronger that of cocaine and heroin? Along with the strength of nicotine addiction, there is also the habit of addiction, but let me first address of nicotine.

It takes between 10 to 15 seconds for nicotine to reach the brain when inhaled and when it does, it releases dopamine, which gives us the feeling pleasure. It also begins our adrenaline and as a result of these two factors, the brain is nicotine as a food source. You noticed. Have you tried to quit, but began to climb the walls and said to himself, "one more cigarette and that's it!" Immediately after you last smoked a cigarette then said: "If only I could feel all the time so you never need another cigarette." Your brain has received their food source and is filled, the arrangement of Nicotine is found, But as your body uses the energy of his last meal and support when needed most impoverished, so too will the brain as nicotine is depleted and we are back from climbing the walls in our attempt to quit smoking.

So why nicotine patches, pills and gums have a 93% failure rate? It is because each require you to stop smoking per se from the first day you start using your product. It's like telling someone stop nail biting. Would just stop? Of course not. It is a learned behavior and is done without thinking. However, we find that if you give them a nail file and tell them to use whenever they get the urge to bite, they do in fact use the nail file, because trying to keep their nails without problems is what they have been trying to get all the time. Think of the electronic cigarette in the same way. We want to stop smoking than 4,000 chemical compounds with tar, (biting nails), but now the electric cigarette use as would be the nail file, with one difference, of course, keep the nicotine fix and habit. Also electronic cigarette becomes more attractive than real cigarettes in time. However, there are many poor of electric cigarette product there that contain three or even four pieces to assemble, to avoid them. They consist of a battery, an atomizer, a cartridge, sometimes called fourth party mouthpiece. Yet I have to find one of these types of cigarette products that offer a true feeling of smoking. What he seeks is a system of two parties. It consists of a battery and a rechargeable cartridge. The spray is integrated into each individual cartridge and the time you have a fully charged battery in the cartridge that lasts as long as a complete package cigarettes.

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After much trial and error I feel that I have now found the best electronic cigarette on the market. If you have tried the three part electric cigarette products and are dissatisfied, give this two part system a 30 day trial.

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