Leather Car

By · Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Leather Car

Do not stay with your old car

In today's economy, if the dream of a new car, but can not afford a big car payment, then you can still own a new car "to give your car a much needed makeover with interior car accessories. When you are driving on his "new car" feel better too!

So how do you dress up your "new car? You can choose one or all accessories the car to help you dress up your car:

$ Car seat covers – Over time, leather seats get scratches, and cloth seats are stains and tears. New shopping cart seat covers cover up stains and scratches, while his car a "touch of fashion" and your car a "new life". Upholstered car seats are easy to install, and cost a fraction of replacement leather seats.

$ Mats car – rubber mats can cover up the points spent on the floor of his car, while giving a cleaner look. If you can spend a little more, you can also customize your floor mats to fit the model of car exactly.

$ Car sunshades – You can select from a wide range umbrellas that fit the front windshield, back windshield or side windows. And you can make a "fashion statement" by choosing parasols are color-coordinated, or perhaps have a favorite activity, or team sports landscape.

Cover $ Steering Wheel – Leather steering wheel covers quickly and easily slip on the wheel, giving even the most dilapidated car a new look spicy. Contoured ribs steering wheel cover not only gives a stylish look, but massages hands while driving.

$ Cushions Car Seat – seat cushions Car may 'jazz up' at home or in your car, but you can also buy a car cushion heat massage pad to make your ride a little more comfortable

All these accessories can turn even the oldest cars in a flashy car, at a fraction of the cost of a paint job, or buying a car new. Not only are fashion accessories, but also functional, helping to save their car seats, floor, steering wheel and helping to keep it cool during the hot summer months. Padded car seat cushions and steering wheel covers also make driving your car more comfortable. How much does it cost for a 'car Makeover '? While it depends on what you buy and where you buy, purchasing a car dealer accessories online wholesale accessories will help you save big money compared to shopping at your local car dealer. When you buy from a wholesale auto dealer online accessory, you can plan to see major changes in the appearance of your car on a limited budget.

Linda Wang

Leathered Life – she is wearing leather pants in the car

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