Leather Credit

By · Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Leather Credit
Need help with extra credit "proof of genius" (math)?

1. Rolex has five pieces of chain, each with four bonds. He wants to put the pieces together to form a circle. If it costs 10cents to open a link, and 10cents to close a link, find a way he can do this for only 80cents. 2. A, B and C decide to play poker. They agree that when a player loses a game will pay each of the other, an amount equal to the amount each player already has. A loses the first hand and pays B and C, the amount of money each has, B loses the second hand and paid A and C, the amount of money each one has; C lost the third hand and pays A and B, the amount of money each one has. At this point, each player is $ 8. How much of each player to start? 3. Shoes leather used in bowling and shoes with rubber soles in tennis. What sport are all metal shoes worn? Thank you! <3

The third response is horse racing.

Leather Money Clip Credit Card Holder

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