Personalized Travel

By · Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Personalized Travel
Bridesmaids and new sisters (his sisters), gift bags ….. help?

I am preparing gift bags for my bridesmaids and my soon-to-be sisters in law. I already bought personalized makeup bags and custom bags. I also purchased the day of the wedding / Travel Essentials. Tylenol, sewing kit small, hand cream, etc.. These are all small items and I want to bulk up the bag. The problem is that its getting expensive. Any ideas on what I Most of these bags with, without blowing my budget in shape? I'm making bags of 10 adults and 3 girls Thanks bags (for children aged 4 to 9).!

To keep cheaper, I would make the following suggestions: GUM – They'll be talking to guests throughout the day / night mirror little long – They want ensure that its composition does not stain small bottle of hairspray – explains itself Slippers / flip-flops – If selected length dresses that cover so you do not see, is comfortable for them, otherwise if you choose T-dresses will be very bad taste sweets – like gummi bears or something to hold over until dinner (if you not have a post-church lunch), the chocolate melts on a hot day! pins and headbands – Depending on what style you choose, you may need a few extra just in case A wet "nap" or clean cloth travel – for the unexpected "oops" A bottle of hand sanitizer – (I do not trust to shake hands with everyone in your hand, ha, ha!) Good luck!

How Can You Create a Customized, Personalized Travel Guide?

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