Suitcase Luggage

By · Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Suitcase Luggage
Airplane luggage / bag?

Hello, just wanted to ask a question about my suitcase. I am planning to travel to Toronto soon and have not been on a plane since like 5 years ago. I put a little tape in my suit case, so I know its mine when the suitcases come out, but do not know what do. Should I put a big bow and tie my suitcase? I would, but my friend is doing it and she doesn't want me to have the same brand. I can not think of anything else, Can anyone help me?

If u really like a bow, then tie a bow, just use a different color, so that u can not be confused with longtime friend. Without But I have 2 ideas 1) Use of liquid "on paper" (delete or errors in the paper) record, make a mark on 'Home', 'bottom' or even 4 sides of the year charged luggage.u can write only the initials, either first or last name, no one knows, just knows, or I did mine as' for example, T J'-Taylor, Tom S-Sarah Simpson or 2) go to the store that sells things for the car, have some 'stick on the label, which still glow in the dark, so u can see from afar. way or may be unique, different from a friend a year. Have a safe and happy flight!

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