Three Great States to See for the Family Interested in Vacationing in the Great Outdoors

By · Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Summer has arrived and many families are heading out to go on their summer vacations . This article will detail some good ideas for a family to do if they are lovers of the great outdoors and want to be a part of nature on their trip . It will explore trips to 3 states: Colorado, Alaska & Wyoming. It will touch on staying in one of the most luxurious resorts of the world at Cordillera just above Beaver Creek, Colorado to lodging in more rustic Alaska cabins that were made from cabin kits. It will also describe going to Jackson Hole and the National Parks that surround that part of Wyoming .

The first vacation is the most rustic one going to the great state of Alaska. This will be wonderful for the adventurous family that likes to camp and get dirty in the process of exploring new sights. A wonderful method of seeing Alaska is to locate a local fishing guide to take you on a tour close in to the less traveled areas . These guides typically use water planes to duck in and out of the wilderness which will give you a bird’s eye view you will never forget . The beautiful scenery as well as the majestic bears fishing for salmon are all things your family will never forget while vacationing in Alaska.

The next vacation for a nature loving family would be to the Rocky Mountain high state of Colorado. This suggestion is for the family that loves the outdoors but also loves luxury resorts also . The top resort in the state is Cordillera which sits just above Beavercreek. The views are spectacular and the resort itself is unbelievable . Whether you want to ski or snowshoe in the winter or wish to ride a horse or go white water rafting in the summer months this is the perfect place to be active for your family.

The last trip idea is to head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is one of the most beautiful parts of America and complete with 2 awesome and popular state parks. It is the location of the famous Yellowstone as well as the Grand Teton Park. It is recommended to allow at least a week to be able to see all that you can in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons as well as Jackson itself. A trip to Old Faithful geyser is a a popular stop to make and lodging at the historical Old Faithful Inn is an experience in and of itself . In order to get a reservation there, call a year in advance to get in. The wildlife sightings in these National parks is phenomenal often having a herd of buffalo stroll directly down the road by your car for unusual photo opportunities. Finish off camping at the parks by spending some time in the most sophisticated cowboy town around of Jackson Hole.

whichever state you select to visit make sure are some of the most beautiful mountain settings you will ever view .

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