Best Places To Visit In Alaska

By · Friday, January 16th, 2009
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Welcome to Alaska or as the Aleut people say, Welcome to “Alyeska”, the “great land”. Yes most definitely Alaska is a great land. It is one of the biggest states in the United States (almost big enough to one fifth to the rest of the US) and on the other hand one of the least populated areas in the US (definitely it’s a place to visit if you come from crowded NY or LA).

Its one of the two states in the US which don’t share a border with any other state (second state being Hawaii). So what’s so special about Alaska, a good question to ask if you haven’t yet visited Alaska.

It is a place which can be called ‘special’ in this world. And why not where else do you find striking wildlife, wonderful mountains, glacier-carved valleys and steep, rocky coastline at one place. Yes it’s Alaska, the great land.

Whether you are a wildlife buff or an adventure lover or just trying to escape the high city life in the company of your loved one doing nothing, this state has lot much to offer to everyone. Just plan your holiday choose the travel mode to reach here (there are many ways which lead you to this place) and immerse yourself with the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Don’t rush with less number of days to this state, instead plan your holiday in such a way that you can experience and enrich with all the scenic places in here. There are many tour planners which can help you out with the Alaskan tour and can plan out things for you with proper convenience. Evidently in a matter of 12-15 days you would be able to see all the hotspots in this region.

Reaching here is another fun part, you can take a cruise (believe me it’s an experience you wouldn’t forget) which offers the opportunity to see the Inside Passage, Gulf of Alaska, tidewater glacier viewing and the port towns of Southeast region.

Another benefit would be if you combine it with the land tour. In this case land tour gives you the chance to visit Denali National Park, the Wrangell-St. Elias National park and other backwoods destinations. Together, they add up to the most complete experience. You can very well reach here by rail route.

In the past couple of decades this state has seen a boost in tourism which has resulted in the increased number of hotels and lodgings in this region. But don’t count on the number of hotels and be assured of getting the reservations on time.

This region sees millions of tourist visitors each year and sometimes it is really difficult to find hotels or lodgings. Instead make your reservations in advance using the hotels website or helpline if you are not going through any tour planner (in this case the tour planner reserves the hotels and lodges).

There are plenty of good hotels to suit different budgets in this region. Some of the recommended hotels are McKinley Village Lodge, Denali cabins, Motel Nord heaven, North face Lodge all in Denali National Park and Comfort Inn, Diamond center Hotel, Hotel Captain Cook all in Anchorage, Wedgwood resorts in Fairbanks etc.

In all you can find many hotels in here but you have to read the reviews carefully before choosing one. See to it that the hotel you have chosen is in your budget and gives you the reach to the scenic destinations. Hotels here provide a good service and many facilities. Make your reservations before you reach there.

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